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Artistic Creations

As part of our mission to offer truly unique interior design solutions, we continue to expand our Bassett Fine Art program with a range of fashion-forward looks designed to coordinate with our fast-growing line of accent furniture and other home décor. Bassett Fine Art includes three core product segments – under glass, canvas and photo acrylics – each with distinctive characteristics and strong consumer appeal.

We understand that art preferences can be highly subjective, so we’ve carefully designed our portfolio of artwork to cover a broad range of interior décor styles and art formats. These range from impressionist works to abstract designs, and from framed and matted prints to floating canvases. Learn more about how to incorporate Bassett Fine Art into your spaces.

Under Glass

Improvements in quality and the introduction of new designs that appeal to a younger audience have enhanced our under-glass artwork offerings. Look for better and bigger moldings, hand embellishments, hand coloring, color-infused matte boards and limited-edition prints.


Our canvases are now available in larger-format sizes for maximum impact. Our 70″ x 96″ oversized canvases, including the highly successful Caribbean Water design, are offered at a great value.

Photo Acrylics

Our acrylic art collection, which debuted in April 2014, features 40 refined pieces that focus on awe-inspiring color and sharp images without frames. Made in the United States, the printing, manufacturing and shipping of these products is based in North Carolina and Virginia.