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Go Bold with Bright Colors

Love bright colors but don’t know where to start? It can be a difficult process to find the right colors that won’t clash or make your space feel like a circus. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with pieces that pop and make a bold statement!

Pick Your Palette

It’s easy to go color crazy with all of the options on the market these days. We recommend sticking with two to three shades of a particular color or mixing and matching a few different colors that work well together. In this setting, the Infinite Clouds artwork and teal accents pop against the light blue walls and white furniture, bringing a beachy feel into the room.

Find a Variety of Vibrant Pieces

Offset pieces that pop with neutral colored surroundings. Not only does this avoid color overload, but it also helps the striking furniture and paintings stand out even more. With accents of gold, brown and black, our Oneida Steward’s Cabinet teams up with our Romantic Pressed Flowers artwork to make a dramatic statement.

Style Your New Space

So you’ve purchased your pieces — now, where do you put them? Styling your new space can be a tiring process of trial and error. At Bassett Mirror Company, we start by staging our larger furniture first. Once we’ve come up with an arrangement that feels like home, we begin adding fun accents. In this Hollywood Glam setting, we found a wonderful dark gray couch to pair with our regal Palazzina cocktail table and chairside chest. With our neutral colors covered, we layered on a variety of pink and white accents to enhance the pink walls and curtains, creating a romantic and elegant living room.